Mantos Copper
Safety and Occupational Health

A key objective of Mantos Copper is to achieve Zero Harm to people. This is why we need to effectively manage the risks in our operations. We don't accept that anyone should sufferan occupational illness or injury while working with us. All our people must return to their homes safe and sound at the end of each shift.


Safety and Occupational Health Value Principles:


  • CULTURE “Zero Mentality”: we are convinced that all occupational injuries and illnesses are preventable.


  • LEARNING “No Repeats”: We promote learning from incidents to ensure No Repeats, and taking all necessary measures to prevent them from being repeated.


  • STANDARDS “Simple, Non-negotiable Standards”: We promote Simple and Non-negotiable Standards, as these occupational health and safety standards are applied consistently throughout operations and are non-negotiable.


We have an Integrated Safety, Occupational Health, Environmental Management and Quality Policy, which is applied by all those who form part of Mantos Copper under an Integrated Management System, in compliance with ISO 9001 certification, which is audited on an annual basis.


  • We hold our leaders responsible for the safety and health of people, environmental management and the quality of our activities. We expect all of our line managers and supervisors to exercise effective leadership in these areas.


  • We recognize that good performance in safety is the responsibility of all those who work for us, as is working to maintain a work environment free from significant risks to health and environmental management.


  • The managers of each operation and process are responsible for complete implementation of our safety, occupational health, environment and quality management systems, and related standards, procedures and legal requirements. This requires allocation of adequate resources and systems and the provision of training, consulting and auditing to ensure compliance and to protect, maintain and promote the occupational health, safety and capacity of all people.




Giancarlo Bruno


  • We are committed to open communications with our workers and with all parties in promoting a culture that respects safety, health, environment and the communities.


  • We will establish appropriate objectives and will monitor progress regarding our safety, health, environment and quality policies, to ensure ongoing improvement towards our vision of ZERO HARM.


  • We promote conservation of natural resources and biodiversity through the efficient use of energy and water, among others.


  • We have management objectives, goals and indicators in all operations and we assess performance on a regular basis, including applicable legal requirements.