Mantos Copper
Our Values



Our main value. We firmly believe that ALL injuries can be prevented and that if we work as a team, we can create a preventative culture where safety is a way of life.




Everything we do is honest, ethical, fair and transparent. We fulfill our commitments correctly and directly, and our words are always consistent with our actions.




We always make our best efforts to achieve our goals. We find new ways to substantially improve the business, using resources efficiently and effectively. We believe that limits do not exist and that results can always be improved. We acknowledge personal and team performance.




Responsibilities are individual. We keep our promises and take responsibility for our decisions, actions and results. We recognize our mistakes, and above all, we never let anyone else take responsibility for our actions.




We develop open and constructive relationships, we are a people-centered organization and we recognize each team member's contribution. We show consideration not just to our own people, but also to the communities in which we operate other stakeholders and to our environment.