Our Strategy

Our strategy at Mantos Copper is to optimize output throughout each stage of the copper extraction and production process, both in Mantos Blancos and in Mantoverde, and to extend the useful life of both operations, always focused on the wellbeing and safety of our people.


The Strategy to create value is:


  • Ensure that our people are aligned with the company Vision and understand and deliver their contribution to achieving our objectives

  • Reduce capital and operating costs through an efficiency-focused operating model

  • Cost-effectively debottleneck key processes to achieve optimal throughput capacity

  • Use our infrastructure efficiently

  • Apply lean operating best practices with fit-for-purpose systems and controls

  • Minimal corporate overhead structure

  • Conversion of mineral resources to reserves

  • Focused Brownfield exploration programmes

  • Develop the Mantoverde Sulphide Development Project in most value-accretive manner

  • Opportunistically acquire copper mines/deposits which enhance the business value

  • Establish a permanent capital base through a public listing at an appropriate time

Our Management Philosophy is primarily focused on:


  • Open and constructive work relationships

  • Keep it simple and direct

  • Seek and recognize everyone's contribution

  • We are people-centered

  • There are no limits to improvements in Costs and Efficiency

  • Individual responsibility; work as a team

  • An integrated business: Mantos Copper