Mantos Blancos - Mantos Copper

Mantos Blancos is located in the Antofagasta Region, 45 kilometers northwest of the region's capital and 800 meters above sea level. It was one of the first private copper mines in Chile, dating back to 1960, and was an important company in the history and development of the Antofagasta Region.


Mantos Blancos is an open pit mine extracting both sulphide and oxide copper ores, which are treated in crushing, milling, concentrator, leaching, solvent extraction and electro-winning plants, producing copper concentrates and high purity (LME Grade A) copper cathodes.


Mantos Blancos

Address: Panamericana Norte s/n Km 1405 

Postal Address: Nicolás Tirado 377, Antofagasta

Telephone: 56 55 269 3001