Mantos Copper

Environmental Management

Our vision is to minimize environmental damage by designing, operating and closing all our operations in an environmentally responsible way.


Environmental Management Value Principles:


  • CULTURE “Zero Mentality”: We will apply a mitigation hierarchy that contemplates preventing and minimizing environmental impacts that arise from our activities, products and services.


  • LEARNING “No Repeat Occurrences”: All measures necessary will be taken to learn about environmental impacts, incidents, findings from audits and other nonconformities to avoid repetition.


  • STANDARDS “Simple, Non-negotiable Standards”: Standard, non-negotiable environmental performance and management standards and procedures will apply to all operations as a minimum requirement.


Permit Strategy


The objective of Mantos Copper is to be a Company that fully complies with environmental and sectorial standards, obtaining and maintaining all permits necessary to ensure operational continuity.


For this, our Company's Permit Strategy promotes goals and activities that ensure compliance with objectives, such as:


  • Promote the principle of “Non-negotiable Permits”

  • Incorporate criteria from environmental and sectorial permits and compliance in decision-making at the highest level.

  • Identify, plan, obtain and maintain permits for new projects related to Mantos Copper operations.