Mantos Copper


We are committed to the utmost respect for human dignity and the rights of all people from our communities where our operations are located. We will always foster a close and constant dialogue, to establish direct and simple long-term relationships through joint efforts focused on shared value with our communities.


Our vision is to generate shared value in our communities where our operations are located, assisting in their long-term development. We want to be a Company that is close to the communities, with long-term, trust-based relationships that enable us to maintain a social license and project our activities into the future.


  • We are committed to proactive risk management to prevent social impacts arising from our operations.


  • We will always promote an open, direct and transparent relationship with our communities, in order to build robust, long-term relationships. We will strengthen consensual, joint efforts, always working towards the common good for the community, never for personal benefit.


  • We are committed to compliance with legislation in force in terms of public participation, such as early management that enables fluid communication regarding our operations and projects.


  • We will implement social development plans in accordance with common needs defined with our neighbors, based on the principle of providing targeted benefits in the economic and social development of the communities near our operations.


  • We will promote high-impact development that strengthens community capacities, prioritizing medium- and long-term projects that support the common good, avoiding individual short-term input that does not generate value for community development.


  • We hope to work in conjunction with the local communities and authorities, and encourage consensual projects that imply a real contribution for our neighbors.


  • We recognize and respect the cultural and spiritual roots that the indigenous people have with their territory. We are committed to complying with all applicable legal requirements and to working in conjunction with the indigenous community in an environment of respect and open dialog, to facilitate their concerns and develop a close and mutually beneficial relationship.


  • We will focus on avoiding any type of conflict with our neighboring communities. We will strengthen open and mutually respectful relationships to mitigate any source of conflict, safeguarding a direct and trust-based communication for an early resolution of potential disagreements between our company and our neighbors.


  • We are committed to the transparency of information and will facilitate access to information for all our communities.


  • We support the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Although the government has primary responsibility in terms of the protection of human rights, we acknowledge the responsibility of companies to respect human rights. Whenever it is within our reach, we will try to promote respectfulness of human rights in the communities where we work.